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Vindima Vinho Verde 2017

The grape harvest period, called vintage, takes place in Portugal between August and October, depending on the region. In the Vinho Verde region, this year, there is much to celebrate. The quality of the harvested grapes is being classified by specialists as the best in the last ten years. Excellent maturation will give rise to great wines from the 2017 vintage. According to the website O Observador, the president of the Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region (CVRVV), Manuel Pinheiro, visited this Wednesday some councils of Tâmega e Sousa, where found in the vintages “wonderful grapes” that promise “great wines”. The Vinho Verde region is located in the north of Portugal and is privileged by nature, with a spring-like climate all year round. This characteristic guarantees the production of refreshing and light wines, which combine with the Brazilian summer temperatures.